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Moehau Community

Posted on 30 April, 2019 at 5:50

In the course of my work for the bamboo society,  I have had a reason to visit the Moehau Community near the tip of the Coromandel Peninsular.  If you have a map, look for "Sandy Bay"  on the eastern side of the Coromandel,  near the tip.  Moehau is the highest part of the whole Coromandel Peninsular.  The Moehau Community  is just above Sandy Bay, and just below Moehau. Moehau is a mountain, but we don't say Moehau Mountain, or Mt Moehau.  We just say "Moehau". ... Just as if he was a neighbour or a friend.

The old farmhouse is the centre of the whole community.  Now that most members have their own dwellings it is not used for sleeping so much in winter.  In summer many visitors come and so then this house is full.


The drive begins at Sandy Bay and ends here.  It is rough but adequate.

This view is to the west and Moehau.  Moehau is not visible from anywhere where I walked on the farm.  However it is close, up behund the hills in this foto.  The bamboo is called "Oldhamii"

It takes a lot of time to keep running bamboo under proper control.  This lot..... called Henonis, is being a handful.

The stems of the bamboo [culms] are not very large here.  Many would think then that this was Aureus. Henonis and Aureus are similar. but Henonis can grow quite large.  That was the clue.  When looking at the largest culms it was clear it could not be Aureus.

Someone has woven the bamboo into a fence.  But the bamboo quickly gets attacked by fungus and starts to get old and weak.

Past the gate, down this slope, are some much larger culms of bamboo.

The bamboo has overun the fence and then been turned back.

At the base of some culms, you see some toroise-shell effect.  That is quite useful to me in the workshop, as I can make little insruments out of it.

There is a lot of work to do to tidy up this bamboo.

A member of the community uses this place for a dwelling and workshop.  What a great place to live!

The old orchard still produces fruit, and considering it is not sprayed or pruned, it does very well.

The Community farm goes up the valley much further.  This is as far as I went.   The view is breathtaking.

The Coromandel hills quickly aquire a thick covering of scrub.  This is the New Zealand term for thick bushy plant cover.  The plants are mostly Manuka, and in some places Matagouri.  The Manuka can be used as firewood.  The flowers give valuable honey.  Matagouri is so prickly you don't want to go near it.

A cottage and a resident of the community.

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker

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