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Spalted Crabapple

Posted on 22 April, 2019 at 22:40

A few days ago, the "Centre" for which I am a committee member had some trees cut down.  Seven of these were "Cabbage trees".  The wood is fibrous and not really suitable for woodwork.  One of the trees was an old crabapple, that had a large fungus growing in the trunk.  It was dying and growing rotten.  However, some of the wood could still be alright.

This foto shows some of the branches from the tree. One branch [showing in the foto]  seems to have some nice patterns in the wood.  Promising!

This branch shows some very nice colors and patterns.

Even this smaller branch has lots of heartwood with impressive colors.

One piece of the wood from near the top of the trunk, has a few fine lines that can be seen near the centre.  These black lines are highly sought after in decorative timber used for instrument making.  It is called "spalting".

 This trunk section shows more spalting.  It is nearer to where the fungus was growing.

This trunk section shows even more spalting as it was just next to the section of trunk with the fungus.

I have been asked to make some shrines for some-one who has an interest in Druidism.  This is the wood I have chosen for the project.  It has a lot of spalting.  Although it is a little soft because of the action of the fungus, it is still good enought to work.  I am letting it dry for six months and then I'll start work building.

This wood from one of the branches has no spalting, but has some lovely colors.  It is a billet ready for turning into a pipe.  It shoud be ready by Christmas.

This piece of timber is an "offcut" for which I have, as yet, no plans.  I will find something for it.

These are the blanks I have piled up ready for turning. Most of the blanks are oak, on the left.  Four others are Agonis, a common tree found in parks.  It is from Western Australia, orininally, but this wood is from a tree that was in some-ones garden. Right on the right hand side is a blank of wood from a bay tree.  When I turn this, I enjoy the fragrance of the wood.  It fills the whole workshop.   The trees with fragrance as strong as this belong to the family of trees known as  "Laurel trees".

Here are some pipes ready for tuning.  They are almost all Agonis, with some two or three Rimu.  One is of Oak.

This one is of oak.  It was turned by Sylva, who is learning to make pipes.

I hope you enjoyed the fotos of the wood in my workshop.  Spalting is rare so enjoy those fotos especailly.  Cheers Chris the Pipemaker

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