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January Sunrise at the Beach.

Posted on 9 January, 2019 at 16:15

I got up early and got into to my car and drove to the beach before sunrise.  It was  already a beautiful day.

Much of the earth is grey, but the sky!!

Some mist shrouds Te Mata Peak and the surrounding hills.  Fisherman are out early drowning bait. The sun is at least ten minutes away.

To the North, Napier and the fertilzer works show their more bautiful sides.

A cheeky little cloud above Wairoa catches a little sunlight, even though the sun is at least ten minutes away from us.

The Pacific is peaceful.

The pink cloud has friends

A minute later and the light has spread.

In the East the light has become brighter.

The sun signals its arrival with light messengers.

Sunrise is only minutes away.

The sun is still below the horizon, but one little cloud is alreay in sunlight and glows brightly as if on fire.

Even a minute later and the light is different.

Now the sunrise is only fractions of a minute away.

This is about as late as it can be without the sun being in sight.

Just a sliver....  of sun.

In the time it takes to rewind the camera the amount of sun showing has doubled.

In another minute the sun will be above the horizon, and the glaring daylight will rob the shadows of their softness.  And I will be in the car and off for breakfast.  In ten minutes it will be six o'clock.

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker

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