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Balls Clearing #5

Posted on 27 December, 2018 at 19:35

The sun, hidden behind the trunk, plays magic with the shape of the tree.

Fungus plays an important part in breaking down fallen wood.

Another tall tree, possibly Miro or Matai.

This is an odd arrangement betweena tree fern and a tree.  They are both trying to occupy the same bit of forest.

Another massive trunk of another massive tree covered in ferns and stuff.  The leaves indicate it is a Miro.

As we get closer to the edge of the reserve, tha amount of light in the bush increases.

Light and shade.

More and more massive trees appear, as we walk along the track.

Huge areas of bush just like this bit, were cut down and carted away.  Although they built beautiful houses with the wood, much was wasted.  Today these houses are valued,  but few remain, victims to the changing fashions.

The character of the bush changes as we get closer to the edge of the reserve.

The smaller trees in the picture will never be as big as the grand trees behind.  They are a different kind of tree.

The tall trees have long trunks clear of branches.  It means great quality timber can be cut from these trees.

The tree in the foreground has moss, the one behind has none.

Th tree in the foreground has a very straight trunk.  Perfect for timber.  The one behind is twisted, as if it were dancing.  Great for fotografing....   but not for timber.

Balls clearing where Richard Ball lived for forty years around 1880 onwards.  He was able to clear the land as the ground was too swampy to sustain large trees.

Balls clearing is still farmed today as part of a much larger farm.  Another reserve is visible across the fields.

This is the last of the fotos of Balls clearing and the reserve.  Cheers Chris the Pipemaker.

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