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Balls Clearing #2

Posted on 22 December, 2018 at 22:35

Some more fotos from the reserve at Balls Clearing

Tree ferns abound in this bush.  So do big trees.

This is the trunk of a Kahikatea, the tallest tree in the NZ bush.

The same trunk showing an unusual epifyte growing on the bark.

This is how ferns go when they produce lots of spores.

This is this years growth on a trackside plant.  It grows into a small tree.  The single leaf is large, made up in turn of seven  to ten smaller leaves. Some refer to this as a compound leaf.

 I love the fern for its ingenuity in taking a leaf shape made up out of a multiplicity of smaller leaf shapes.  These smaller leaf shapes are themselves made up of a mutiple of leaf shapes.   They managed this thousands of years before computers did it.

A fern tree wearing its old clothes.  It doesn't discard its old leaves,  it just lets them"hang around"!

This is how a new fern-leaf appears.  It "unfurls".

A tree branch has fallen off a tree, lost its bark and shows its bite.!! The wood is stil in good condition.

Further along the same tree branch.  Here it has begun to rot.

This is a tree trunk covered by another kind of epifyte.

This tree fern is wearing a grass skirt.  It is so modest.

This trunk is covered in moss, another kind of epifyte.

There is more to come.  Cheers Chris the Pipemaker

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